We Are Ready for GE15, Says Zahid After Najib’s Visit

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Amid reports of a campaign to oust Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the Umno president last night received a visit from his predecessor, Najib Razak, indicating the latter’s support for him.

Writing on his Facebook page, Zahid said Najib and a few others had visited him at his house last night.


Without going into any details of the meeting, Zahid merely said: “We are ready for GE15. Are you all ready to be with us?”

He also posted several photos of the visitors, who included two of Najib’s brothers, Nizam Razak and Nazim Razak, as well as Titiwangsa Umno chief Nazir Hussin.

Malay news portal SuaraTV, meanwhile, said the meeting discussed race, religion and political issues.

Najib’s visit to Zahid comes as The Malaysian Insight reported on Monday that a campaign to remove Zahid as Umno president last month has failed.

Johor deputy liaison chief Nur Jazlan Mohamad said several individuals had gone to the division chiefs to ask them to sign a memorandum of understanding asking the Umno president to step down.

“They said Zahid should relinquish the president’s post as he has an ongoing court case. But the case hasn’t even been decided yet,” Nur Jazlan told The Malaysian Insight.

Although the movement did not get much traction, he said it is still a problem.

Nur Jazlan also said Najib was not behind the move and had played a role in stopping the campaign from gaining any traction.

“One thing I’m sure of is that it is not by Barisan Nasional (BN) advisory board chairman Najib Razak. He is the key to stopping any such efforts.

“These attempts will not work if Najib is against it and I’m sure that the former president is not behind it,” said Nur Jazlan.

Zahid took over as the Umno president from Najib after the last general election when BN lost federal power.

In March, Umno became part of the Perikatan Nasional ruling pact by supporting Muhyiddin Yassin as the prime minister.

However, there are complaints from the party that it has to play second fiddle to the much smaller Bersatu in the new government.

Zahid and several other top Umno leaders who face criminal trials have not been given cabinet positions by Muhyiddin.

The opposition Pakatan Harapan, meanwhile, has been alluding that Umno is the real power behind the federal pact, and that Najib is planning to make a comeback as the prime minister. – TMI