What’s Next for Furby

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Hopefully, it will find a loving, caring home.

Now that the case of Furby has been settled, with the magistrate’s court yesterday ordering Singaporean Terry Yee Kok Chew, 57, to pay a fine of RM8,000 in default of eight months’ jail for abusing Furby, the question is what’s next for the canine.

According to the Selangor Veterinary Services Department, no one visited the dog the whole time it was in their custody although paperwork indicated the dog had an owner.

“This case of determining the dog’s owner is complicated. Firstly, the dog is not licensed so we cannot determine who is the owner. Also, the dog has been passed around to a few people around the area which further complicates the issue,” a spokesman from Selangor Veterinary Services Department told The Sun.

As to whether Furby will be put up for adoption if no one comes forward to claim it, the spokesman said the matter would need to be considered further.

“There is the possibility for people to adopt the dog, but we need to determine who is the owner first, because in our records the dog has an owner and the court has ordered for the dog to be returned to its rightful owner. There is also the possibility of the charges that the owner would need to pay for the time we took care of him,” the spokesman added.

Whatever the future holds for Furby, it is hoped that it would find love and care from kinder human beings.