Bung Will Condemn Umno to Become Opposition for Eternity

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Getting it wrong on how to become an “effective opposition”.

DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang warned that Umno supreme council Bung Moktar Radin will condemn Umno to become the opposition for eternity if the party adopted the latter’s idea of an “effective opposition”.

This was after Bung said BN should learn from Harapan when it was the opposition by throwing allegations at the government without fear of legal consequences.

“Bung’s tips will make Umno an eternal opposition, never to return to the corridors of power.

Miera Zulyana

“In my 53 years in opposition politics, I never operated in the manner described by Bung as the role of opposition leaders and I can say the same for the other Pakatan Harapan leaders,” he said.

However, Lim said he was prepared to educate Umno on being an effective opposition.

“I am prepared to give free tuition to Umno/BN on how to be a constructive and effective opposition, for I want to see the historic and watershed 14th general election on May 9 plant firm roots of democracy in Malaysia.

“(This) means check-and-balance mechanisms not only in the ruling parties themselves but also effective and constructive roles by the opposition, the media and civil society.“But definitely not the role of an opposition envisaged by Bung, which is dishonest, destructive and divisive for a democratic and successful Malaysian society,” he said.

Earlier today, Bung told Malaysiakini that Umno in Peninsular Malaysia was in despair as it had never been in the opposition before.

Bung said the party needed to learn from the previous opposition.


“They just walloped Umno and BN, they don’t care (then).“So, we want to work out like that. Or better than the previous opposition,” he said.

– Malaysiakini