Najib’s Melancholic Video

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The embattled former prime minister released a pre-recorded sombre two-minute video on his social media accounts, calling today “a day that he and his family are facing worldly trials”.

“To beloved Malaysians, if you see this message, this means that action has already been taken against me. I wish to apologise and seek forgiveness from Malaysians.

“Malaysians deserves the best leadership. I have done my best but I felt that it wasn’t enough. Because I admit that there were many weaknesses,” he said in the video.

“Everyone is equal before the law. Not just in the world, but also judgment in the afterlife. No one will be spared, including the top leaders in the present government.

“To those that spread rumours and ostracised others, I accept that my family and I will face trials and tribulations (dugaan dunia) ,” he added.

Najib said that his residences were searched by authorities, but maintained that not all allegations hurled against him are true.

He also said many pictures and news reports on social media were mere rumours and even slanderous.

“Let the investigations take place first. I haven’t had the chance to defend myself.”

Najib also conceded defeat in GE14 but said this had exposed him to slanderous attacks.

“But I’m still grateful as not everyone has the opportunity to face such challenges. We all know that trials in the afterlife are much tougher. But, I will be strong when facing such challenges.”