So What Was the Real Reasoning Behind the Jawi Issue?

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Was it done with a sincere intention or was there some other sinister reason behind it?

It is said that the move was apparently orchestrated to put the DAP in a bad light among its voters – a move that proved effective considering Lim Kit Siang was booed and chased away from a dinner event recently.

Even Lim openly admitted that he would lose his seat if an election was called now.

The Jawi incident put the DAP in a serious Catch 22 situation – support it and lose your Chinese voters, oppose it and go against the PH leadership.

So why was the DAP the target? Well, maybe because of the close relationship Lim has with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

It is no secret how someone is dead against DSAI becoming the next premier, and also how powerful the DAP is in the PH coalition.

Apparently, during a recent PH meeting, DAP was almost on the verge of pulling out of the coalition.

As a layman, the only thing I can gather from all this is that PH is going to lose the next general election.

And guess who is the main one to be blamed for this?

Jonathan Anyi is a TTN reader. The views expressed are those of the writer.