Spiritual Leader: Strife in PH Is Allah’s Way of Helping PAS

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PAS mursyidul am (spiritual adviser) Hashim Jasin has said God was in favour of PAS and its camaraderie with Umno, a fact reflected in the strife being faced by Pakatan Harapan.

“Allah wishes to help us…it really happened. We are not trying to pit gangs against each other, fight, go to court, with police investigating (us). We (PAS) have done nothing. They (Harapan) did it themselves,” he told delegates at the PAS Muktamar in Kuantan today.

However, Hashim did not elaborate on this statement, nor did he specify which incident affecting the ruling coalition he was referring to.

Even so, his statement comes in the wake of several scandals involving Harapan. Most notably the leaking of several rounds of sex video clips featuring two men engaged in sexual acts and a corruption allegation, both of which implicated Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali.

Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz had confessed to purportedly being one of the men in the video and identified Azmin, who is also PKR deputy president, as the other.

Azmin has denied the allegation and vowed to take legal action against this alleged attempt at character assassination, even as police and the MACC launched investigations into the case.

The scandal rocked the ruling coalition, pitting members of component party PKR against each other.

Hashim made the statement when reflecting on the co-operation between former rivals PAS and Umno following GE14.

He said the fostering of ties between the two opposition parties was down to the realisation by Umno as to “who our main enemies are”.

“Before, Umno would say PAS (was the enemy), PAS would say Umno. Among the cracks, lions and crocodiles were born, out to destroy us,” he said.

“Following the general election, when they (Harapan) were unable to fulfil their manifesto lies, there are not enough hands at the PAS main office to receive new members.”

Support for the Islamic party, he claimed, has also risen. – Malaysiakini