Stop Your Nonsense, Saddiq

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It is understandable that one would want to “kiss up” to his or her boss for political survival, but like everything else, there are limits.

However, and rather, unfortunately, some politicians simply do not know when to stop and actually make voters want to throw up over their excessive actions.

One such politician of late is none other than the premier’s blue-eyed boy, Syed Saddiq.

It is no brainer that he is trying to kiss up to Tun Mahathir whom many say is the only reason Saddiq is still there in the first place.

Right from Zakir Naik to the haze and now to rebutting Dr Syed Husin Ali’s statements – it is all simply too glaring.

After all, the prime minister has his own political secretaries and advisers, so why does he need this guy making unwanted noise behind him.

One thing PH politicians must realise is that they are dealing with a well-learned electorate who are more than capable of making their own judgments and assessment of things.

We can no longer be easily fooled by dumb and lame statements, especially so by immature, inexperienced politicians.

For us to respect a politician, it must be earned. Electoral respect cannot come by simply shooting off your mouth and kissing up to the prime minister.

Try going out and proving yourself first, work for the people, win their trust and prove to them that you are worthy.

Something PH must remember is that it was a choice between the devil and the deep, blue sea in the last general election and the electoral did not have much of a choice.

So, remember many of you are there mainly because we did not have a choice, so don’t go around blowing your trumpet unnecessarily.

Also, high time Saddiq’s advisers told him to keep his mouth shut and not simply echo everything our prime minister does or says.

We also certainly don’t need him running behind Tun M to defend him – we are sure Tun M is more than capable of that.

Ir Lee Soon Hiong from Ipoh is a reader of The True Net and the views expressed here are his.