Two Similar Sex Scandals, but Allegations Played Down This Time Around

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I am not taking anyone’s side in the gay sex video incident which has been making headlines the last few days.

However, on a personal note, there are some observations which bother me.

The allegations are against a senior Cabinet Minister and many feel the allegations have been played down considerably.

As a journalist, I recall in 1998 when similar allegations surfaced against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

He was sacked immediately and I recall waiting at Anwar’s house in Bukit Damansara when armed special forces in balaclava stormed in.

They arrested Anwar and the image of his wife and children crying in pain still remains in my mind till today.

Following the arrest was, of course, the famous black eye incident, courtesy of the then Inspector General of Police.


However, in the current scenario, things are considerably different though the incidents are very similar.

Perhaps this can be attributed to the new administrative policies of the Pakatan Harapan government now.

To me personally, this entire fiasco can be resolved fast if the government only appointed an independent professional who could verify if the recordings were indeed true or doctored.

For now, all this mud-slinging is benefiting nobody and merely a waste of time.

If the recordings are verified, then let the law take its course.

As this matter prolongs, there is going to be more and more flip-flopping and just like in Anwar’s case before, the families are the ones who would suffer most.