We Thought Our Lives Would Change for the Better

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No real changes which have positively affected the lives of the rakyat.

I recall years ago when I was among the thousands who thronged the streets of Kuala Lumpur during the Bersih rallies.

Back then, the spirit for change was strong and most of us were passionate and dedicated to the cause.

Our dreams were realised when finally Barisan Nasional was defeated in the last general election and I believe, many of us, like me looked forward to a better future.

Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

We waited patiently and when the new government was finally sworn in, we thought our lives would change for the better.

However, today, I realise that though we managed to get BN out, there is still plenty of BN still lingering in the hearts and minds of many PH leaders.

Some leaders, I won’t mention who, only seem to have made a return to active politics merely to finish where they had left off in the past.

As a middle-income earner, I do not see any changes at all to my life, and am still in the red in all aspects.

From what I gather from others also, there have been no real changes which have positively affected the lives of the rakyat.

We can only see a certain politician trying his best to kill off the career of another and doing his best not to keep his pre-electoral promises.

Is this person merely laying the foundation for his future generation? Was that the only reason the politician returned to active politics?

We all believed and loved PH and its leaders and felt for once that Malaysia is going to be a properly governed nation again.

However, sadly, our hopes are fading as days go by and the only lifeline I believe which is left for us, is that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will be able to put the house in order.

When he is going to take over, remains unseen. – Ibrahim Hussin

Ibrahim Hussin from Kuala Lumpur a reader of The True Net and the views expressed here are his.