Why Did We Protect Zakir Naik This Long?

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The last thing we need is someone going around creating unnecessary racial tension.

As a volunteer at a political party community centre, I have met dozens of people who are legally Malaysians who do not possess MyKads despite being born and bred here.

It amazes me how a person like preacher Zakir Naik was so easily given a permanent resident status here despite being wanted in another country.

Also, I wonder what took our premier this long to realise that this person, along with his sidekicks are nothing but trouble makers.

As the nation moves away from racial issues and begins to focus on more pressing things, we have people like this within our midst to stir up unnecessary trouble.

Also, why would we want to defend this man and risk losing precious trade deals with a nation like India.

Till today, I cannot understand why certain leaders were so bent on protecting this person, especially since there are so many Malaysians out there who are still suffering.

With just about three years left for the next general election, I seriously doubt Pakatan Harapan will be able to regain victory.

Issues like these merely help fuel public resentment and make us lose hope in the current administration.

We waited so long to get rid of Barisan Nasional and now it looks like we are handing the country back to them on a silver platter.

Jonathan Anyi is a TTN reader. The views expressed are those of the writer.