Why the Double Standards?

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How the gay porn scandal is handled could determine the outcome of the next GE.

As the saying goes, it takes two hands to clap, but somehow in the case of the ongoing gay porn saga, the entire fiasco seems somewhat one-sided.

While action has been taken against Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz, one wonders why things seem to be in favour of one person.

At a recent Hari Raya gathering, Azmin, A-G and IGP at the same table.

To be fair, two men were seen in the videos and from what was seen, neither one was forcing the other to do anything.

Sure, the other person involved is a minister, but does that mean he is above the law?

While we may argue that the entire thing is politically motivated, there are still elements of crime involved.

To be fair, many feel those involved should at least be suspended pending the investigations.

If a civil servant does something wrong, it is SOP for him or her to be suspended while a thorough investigation is carried out.

Why this kind of favouritism? Is there something more to this than meets the eye?

The sexual acts committed between both men were clearly consensual and thus, the investigations should be both ways also.

Along with this comes the issue of credibility. Presuming a certain someone has his way and pushes the minister concerned to the top, would he have the rakyat’s respect?

Every fire has a spark and for these videos to surface, there must have certainly been that spark.

There is a silent, consensus among the rakyat that the minister involved should do the honourable and respectful thing, not just turn a blind eye to the obvious.

The rakyat are watching and so are Umno members. How this issue is handled and whether promises are kept will greatly determine the outcome of the next general election.