Will a True Avenger Please Step Up?

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Prior to the last general election, I was under the impression that Syed Saddiq was a very intelligent, young, upcoming leader.

However, today, I must humbly acknowledge just how wrong I was.

The recent icing to the cake were his recent statements regards the hazardous haze.

Malaysians are literally dying, trying to cope with the haze and just two days ago, my four-year-old son was admitted with breathing difficulties.

He had to use a breathing apparatus for a whole day before getting better.

Also, for the last week, my family has been locked indoors.

With all this, we have this clown (Saddiq), talking absolute rubbish – probably his brain is all hazed out.

Muhamad Shahril Rosli/The Star

Do these leaders actually think before opening their mouths?

Your people are suffering, and you tell us to accept the haze.

So, maybe we should also just accept murders, rapes, drug addiction and child sex?

It’s best you start accepting the fact that you are a failed leader and should just step down.

It is sad, but that is the truth – since PH came into power, their priorities have all been wrong.

For example, our prime minister has been focused on nothing more than making sure Anwar Ibrahim does not become the next premier,

This entire episode is simply too glaring to ignore.

Just look at the way Azmin Ali is being defended despite it being so clear the evidence was against him regards the sex video.


Next, follows his invitation to join Bersatu – sure why not just leapfrog till you find a party that wants you to become the next premier.

And of course, if you cannot get rid of the general (Anwar), go after the soldiers.

Thus, the recent spate of attacks on Farhash Wafa Salvador, Anwar’s loyal political secretary.

The most recent are allegations of him beating up someone in Anwar’s Bukit Gasing office.

Ever wondered how all this information leaked out to the media? Work of some hidden hands indeed.

Investors are running away and our neighbours, like Vietnam and Thailand are making tremendous economic gains.

And here we are, housing the hazardous haze and protecting Zakir Naik – wanted by a powerhouse like India.

Apparently, we have also lost plenty of trade with India over this incident.

But who cares, right? After all, Malaysia is a dumping ground for the world.

Their rich leaders can, after all, just run off overseas, while the poor rakyat are left behind to die.

I had so much hope in Tun Mahathir, but sadly, it has been a let-down.


Today, Malaysians have only one hope left, which is Anwar Ibrahim.

Hopefully, Anwar can take over in time to turn things around for the nation.

Our hope rests on him and I pray he has a better team in mind than some of the clowns we have now.

The endgame is near and unless a true Avenger steps up, we are doomed. – Hishammuddin Jalil Jaafar

Hishammuddin Jalil Jaafar from Kuala Lumpur is a reader of The True Net and the views expressed here are his.