Mural for Penang ‘Roti Uncle’ While His Tale of 30 Years’ Hard Work Goes Viral

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A bread seller in Penang gained internet fame after a street artist shared fond memories of growing up with him over the past 30 years.


Acit Raman Abdullah uploaded photos of the man, known as Muniandi, and recalled how the humble trader still remembered him from when he was just a kid who loved doodling on the ground.

Fast forward to the present and Acit is now a full-fledged artist, and he decided to contact Muniandi to ask if his friend and fellow artist Andhar A Samah could do a mural of him for the Balik Pulau Festival.

“I went to his home to approach him about doing the mural. Before I could even introduce myself, he said he knew where my house was back in the day.

“I never expected him to remember me. I feel so touched.

“He even remembers my mum and how she always used to exchange coins with him in the past,” Acit wrote on Facebook.

He added that Muniandi is a “legend” in Balik Pulau and that residents of all races were familiar with him.

After selling roti kaya for several decades, Acit said that Muniandi has managed to see his young customers grow up to have kids of their own.

In that time, Muniandi’s children have also managed to pave their way in the world thanks to their father’s hard work.

“What I’m most impressed by is the sacrifices made by this uncle for the sake of his family.

“His kids have successfully become doctors, lawyers, and, if I’m not mistaken, one more is studying to be a chemical engineer.

“Hats off to him. He can be an icon for Merdeka or Malaysia Day this year,” said Acit.

The mural of Muniandi is located at postcode 11000 in Balik Pulau and depicts the man with his trusty motorcycle where he stores all his bread. – MMO