Malaysians Top Visa Overstayers in Australia

Malaysians top visa overstayers in Australia.

RM1,000 Aidilfitri Bonus for Penang Civil Servants

RM1,000 Aidilfitri bonus for Penang civil servants.

Famous Banana Leaf Restaurant Among Three PJ Eateries Ordered to Close

Famous banana leaf restaurant among three PJ eateries ordered to close.

Selangor Civil Servants Get Special One Month’s Salary for Aidilfitri

Selangor civil servants get special one month's salary for Aidilfitri.

Heads of Civil Servants Who Campaigned for BN to Roll

Heads of civil servants who campaigned for Barisan Nasional to roll.

Announcement of New Private Sector Minimum Wage by August

Announcement of new private sector minimum wage by August.

Hope Fund Exceeds RM30M Five Days After Launch

Hope Fund exceeds RM30 million five days after launch.

Kit Siang: We Won’t Perish Without Umno, MCA, MIC

Lim Kit Siang says we won't perish without Umno, MCA or MIC.

Perak Companies Give RM1 Million to Tabung Harapan

Perak companies give RM1 million to Tabung Harapan.

Cartoonist Zunar Misses Rosmah

Cartoonist Zunar says he misses Rosmah.