Return the Power to the People on May 9

Ramon Navaratnam urges for a return of power to the people on May 9.

Malaysia’s Opposition Cries Foul over Uneven Playing Field in GE14

Malaysia's Opposition cries foul over uneven playing field in GE14.

Mum, Daughter Get Postal Ballots Which They Never Asked For

A mother and daughter get postal ballots which they never asked for.

Veteran Actress Lai Meng in Critical Condition

Veteran actress Lai Meng hospitalised in critical condition.

KL-Singapore Ranked Busiest International Air Route

KL-Singapore ranked the busiest international air route.

10 ‘Major’ Flaws Found in Electoral Roll May Be ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

10 'major' flaws found in electoral roll may be 'tip of the iceberg'.

Global Bersih Exasperated at Late Arrival of Ballot Papers

Global Bersih exasperated at late arrivals of ballot papers.

Najib Announces 5 Labour Day Gifts for Workers

Najib announces five Labour Day gifts for workers.

Siti Hasmah Informed Not To Attend Book Award Ceremony

Siti Hasmah informed not to attend book award ceremony.

Jackie Chan’s Daughter Homeless Because of ‘Homophobic Parents’

Jackie Chan's estranged daughter claims she is homeless because of her 'homophobic parents'.