Isaac Foreword

Rev Dr Henry Pillai's foreword from My Isaac to the Lord.

Isaac Introduction

Datin Rosemary Eravelly's introduction of My Isaac to the Lord.

Perfect Answers to Life’s Tough Questions

Perfect answers to life's tough questions can only come from God, as no one has more brilliant answers the all-knowing Lord.

Old-Fashioned Love Letter from Dad

You may have found that elusive love you have been seeking in this letter reminiscent of the days when folks wrote letters to express their love.

Avoid Cupid’s Poison Arrow

Think with your head, not your heart and be aware of the tricks up the rogue Romeo's sleeves.

A Great Leap of Faith

Be mesmerised by the wondrous spectacle of fiery looping rain on the Sun in footage released by NASA.

The Amazing Way a Homeless Man Spent a $100 Gift

Watch a video experiment by YouTuber Josh Paler Lin which reveals a surprise that warms the heart.

The First and Last Photos Together of Twins

Stunning photos of newborn twin's 11-day life.

Desire Rules When K-Pop Meets Black Gospel 

Koreans deliver a praiseworthy rendition of 'My Desire', K-Pop-infused African American style.

You’re Not Alone, Mum

Watch the touching footage of Rebecca Slivinsky's love for cancer mother.