Muhyiddin Starting Chemo After Hari Raya Haji

Muhyiddin will be starting chemotherapy sessions after Hari Raya Haji.

Pahang Mufti: No Compromise for LGBT

The Pahang Mufti says no compromise for LGBT.

Annuar Praises Anwar on Three ‘R’, Urges Him to ‘Save Malaysia’

Annuar Musa praises Anwar Ibrahim for the latter's stand on race, religion and the royalty, and called on him to 'save Malaysia'.

10 Victims, Seven Witnesses Questioned in Alleged Sex Predator Doctor Case

10 victims and seven witnesses have been questioned in the alleged sex predator doctor case.

What’s So Special About Bung Moktar?

Mariam Mokhtar asks what's so special about Bung Moktar that no action is taken against him for making inappropriate remarks in Parliament.

Lawyers for Liberty: Why was Child Bride Sent Back to Thailand?

Lawyers for Liberty questions why the child bride from Kelantan was sent back to Thailand.

Reforms in Parliament Taking Shape

Reforms in Parliament are taking shape.

Muhyiddin Back to Work on Tuesday

Muhyiddin will be back to work on Tuesday.

Ex-Envoy Ticks Off Westerners Taking Credit for Najib’s Fall

An ex-envoy ticks off Westerners for taking credit for Najib's fall.

Mum Hurls Children from Burning Apartment Before Dying

A woman hurls her children from a burning apartment before dying.