Kelantan Sultan’s Russian Ex-Wife Hints at Instagram Tell-All After Divorce

Former Russian beauty queen Oksana Voevodina has shared details on her Instagram account about her first meeting with former husband Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan.

SOP Not Observed in Demo That Killed Commando

Two retired army men said those who organised the demonstration that claimed the life of a special forces major in Sabah on Sept 4 had failed to observe the SOP.

How Anti-Khat Rally in Jerantut Sparked Nationwide ‘Buy Muslim First’ Wave

A campaign for Malay-Muslims to buy products manufactured by or sold in shops owned by their fellow adherents have since courted backlash from Putrajaya and the traders’ community.

Arrogant People with Titles

I recently read with great anger and disbelief about a Datin who slapped a security guard who simply stuck to the rules and did not allow a food delivery girl up to her condo.

Granddaughter: Tunku Would Not Be Happy as Country Drifts Towards Race-Based Politics

Remembering Tunku as a skilful leader who went to great lengths to push for the unified Malaysia he dreamed of.

Senior Cops: Zakir Is “Poison” to Malaysia

As police continue their investigations into Zakir Naik, many senior officers at Bukit Aman feel that the controversial preacher is “poison” to the country’s multiracial society.

Suhakam: Admit Enforced Disappearances Exist

Suhakam has called on the government to acknowledge that cases of enforced disappearances do exist in Malaysia.

Rafidah: How Long Are We Going to Use Crutches?

Rafidah Aziz asserted that bumiputras must move forward and not be engrossed with the special privileges given to them.

Race-Based Politics for Another Two GEs

Malaysia will not be able to get away from identity or race-based politics for at least another two general elections.

A Dark Day for Malaysia, Women’s Rights

Rozana Isa, executive director of SIS, says the High Court decision which has upheld the fatwa against SIS represents a dark day for Malaysia.