Pressure Group Relaunched to Urge Putrajaya to Sign Rome Statute

The Coalition for the International Criminal Court has been relaunched in a bid to urge Putrajaya to consider signing the UN treaty again.

We Thought Our Lives Would Change for the Better

No real changes which have positively affected the lives of the rakyat.

Weeping for Malaysia

Dennis Ignatius laments the dream we once cherished is no more.

Ambiga: We Thought They Were Different

Ambiga Sreenevasan said she can understand how Malaysians feel with regard to the Pakatan Harapan administration.

Patriot: We Have Wasted 15 Months Bickering on Race and Religion

Politicians must stop harping on race and religion and start working on economic reforms, including eradicating poverty completely.

Systems Disruption Continues at KLIA

The systems disruption, which among others, causing flight delays, continued at the KLIA this morning.

Suhakam Reaffirms Stand on Apex Court’s Unilateral Conversion Decision

The Federal Court’s decision concerning the unilateral conversion of minors is the “common sense” interpretation of the law.

Kadir: People Also Voted Against Royal Interference in Last GE

Johor, which is the birthplace of Umno, was among the states which fell to PH in the last GE.

Why Did We Protect Zakir Naik This Long?

The last thing we need is someone like Zakir Naik going around creating unnecessary racial tension.

Why Empower a Demagogue Like Zakir Naik?

Former ambassador Dennis Ignatius on the controversial preacher’s growing influence over the nation.