Kakistocrats, Kleptocrats Staging Political Comeback

Lim Kit Siang warns of kakistocrats and kleptocrats staging a political comeback.

Najib Paid His Advisers Up to RM200K Monthly

Najib paid his advisers up to RM200,000 monthly.

Bar Council Meets A-G over Law Reforms

The Bar Council meets A-G over law reforms.

Agong Takes a Pay Cut, Cancels Raya Open House

Agong takes a pay cut and cancels Raya open house.

Bung Will Condemn Umno to Become Opposition for Eternity

Bung will condemn Umno to become opposition for eternity, says Lim Kit Siang.

Rafidah: Najib’s Govt Riddled with ‘Political Mafia’

Rafidah Aziz says Najib's government riddled with 'political mafia'.

Anwar: End of the Day, I Do What I Think Is Right

Anwar says that end of the day, he does what he thinks is right.

Split in PKR Leadership over Anwar?

A question of whether there is a split in the PKR leadership over Anwar.

Kim Jong-un Impersonator Detained at Singapore Airport

Kim Jong-un impersonator detained at Singapore airport.

Penang-Born NZ Mayor Urges Govt to Help Foreign Missions Facilitate TH Donations

Penang-born New Zealand mayor urges the government to help foreign missions facilitate Tabung Harapan donations.