Mariam Mokhtar: Memo to Hishammuddin

Tabligh returnees claim that they fear God, more than the virus. but they are nothing more than selfish idiots, who have put the lives of others at risk.

150% Price Hike of Face Mask

Under PH, it was still profitable even selling a face mask at RM0.60.

Rafidah Tells Putrajaya: Think Before Announcing Measures

Rafidah Aziz has urged Putrajaya’s decision-makers to be “more pre-emptive” in their approach to control the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mariam Mokhtar’s Memo to Muhyiddin

Do more homework before you announce your plans.

Mariam Mokhtar: Chief Secretary, Muhyiddin Should Resign

Did Zuki volunteer to take the blame for Muhyiddin’s lack of leadership…or was he pushed into making the apology?

Dennis Ignatius: Government of Malays, by Malays, for Malays

Like Hadi, Mahathir is happy to work with the DAP when it suits him and quick to ditch them once they have outlived their usefulness.

C4 Centre to Malaysians: Don’t Legitimise Muhyiddin Government

Malaysians should not legitimise the new government despite Muhyiddin Yassin’s overtures to voters.

Activists: Bid to End Child Marriage in Doubt

The progress made under PH to address child marriage and raise the marriageable age to 18 is in doubt now that PAS is in the federal government.

Bersih “Not Hopeful” PN Will Adopt Electoral Reforms

A “repackaged” Barisan Nasional administration in the guise of PN is unlikely to look into proposals on electoral reforms promised by the previous government.

Agora Society: Crowdfunding to Combat Covid-19 Not Right

Questioning why the government is resorting to asking the people for money since there is already an allocation of RM2 billion for contingency funding in Budget 2020.