NGOs Object to JITN, Claiming It will Affect Independence of MACC

NGOs against the setting up of JITN.

Police Rescue Partially Paralysed 80-Year-Old Locked Up by Children

Police rescued a partially paralysed 80-year-old man abandoned by his children in a locked home.

Jamal Remanded over Beer-Smashing Antic

Jamal Yunos remanded for three days following his controversial beer-smashing antic.

Opposition: Putrajaya Turning Schools into ‘Indoctrination Camps’

The Opposition says Putrajaya is turning schools into 'indoctrination camps' like in a country under a dictatorship.

Maria Chin and Two Others Hit with Same 2015 Rally Charge

Maria Chin and two others hit with the same 2015 rally charge.

Social Media Users Cry Foul over Likely GST for Netflix and iflix

Expect to pay GST for more online services, including online entertainment streaming.

Dance Producer to Answer Charge for Releasing Balloons at PM’s Function

Dance producer Bilqis Hijjas had her acquittal reversed and will answer the charge for behaving in an insulting manner for releasing balloons at an event the prime minister was attending.

It’s Anyone’s Guess Now if the ‘German F&B Party’ Is On

The twists and turns of the 'German F&B Party' render its status of being held as uncertain.

Twitter User Threatens to Kill Men Who Support Saudi Women Driving

Twitter user threatens to kill men who support Saudi women driving.

Ask IGP, Zahid Says, After Ordering Beer Fest Ban

Zahid passes the buck of the blanket ban on beer fests to IGP.