‘Datuk’ Harasses New Flame of Ex-Girlfriend

A 'Datuk' has been harassing the new flame of his ex-girlfriend to scare him so that he can win back his old flame.

India Says Goodbye to Sridevi

India says goodbye to Bollywood star Sridevi who was given a state funeral.

Case Closed on Organiser of Marathon That Injured Evelyn Ang

The case is closed on the organiser of the marathon that injured Evelyn Ang.

Muslims Protect Archbishop from Hecklers

Muslims protect Catholic Archbishop of Kuching Simon Poh from hecklers outside the courtroom after the Federal Court decision on the jurisdiction of apostasy cases.

Maria Chin to Run in GE14?

Maria Chin confirmed she has been approached to consider running in GE14, while Ambiga Sreenevasan is also rumoured to be contesting in the forthcoming general election.

Sridevi Kapoor: Bollywood Superstar Dies at 54 of Heart Attack

Bollywood superstar Sridevi Kapoor dies at 54 of heart attack.

Elvis Presley’s Daughter in Financial Ruins

Elvis Presley's daughter is in financial ruins.

Li Ching: Former HK Film Queen Found Dead in Flat

Former Hong Kong film queen Li Ching was found dead in her flat.

Muslim Group Chief: No Need to Jump in Anger over Namewee’s Dog

A Muslim group chief has said that there is no need to jump in anger over Namewee's dog video.

Najib: Some of Malaysia’s Richest Owe Their Success to Government Policies

Najib says some of Malaysia's richest owe their success to government policies.