Jonghyun, Lead Singer of K-Pop’s SHINee Dies in Suicide

Jonghyun, the lead singer of K-pop's SHINee has died in an apparent suicide, leaving behind painful final words.

RM60B ECRL: Loan or Investment?

Daim Zainuddin questions if the ECRL is a loan or investment, with a professor of economics responding that it's a domestic investment.

Spotlight on Aussie Man’s Death After Botched Plastic Surgery in Msia

The international media's spotlight on Australian man's death after botched plastic surgery in Malaysia.

Multimillionaire Tricked by Wife into Giving Fortune Away

A judge ruled that a multimillionaire was tricked by his wife into giving his fortune away.

Insult Islam, King or PM and Get Jailed, Fined

Three cases of making offensive remarks against Islam, the King and the Prime Minister.

Online Applications for Hiring Maids Directly from Jan 1

From January 1, employers can apply online to the Immigration Department to hire maids directly.

Police Record Statement from Mahathir over Bugis Remark

Police have recorded a statement from Dr Mahathir over the Bugis remark he made at a rally in October.

Heart-Wrenching Video: Polar Bear Starving in Snowless Arctic

A newly released heart-wrenching video of a polar bear starving in the snowless Arctic.

Uproar over Sheila’s Tweet, from “Go to Hell!” to Being Out of Her Element

The uproar over Sheila Majid's tweet on socio-economic issues.

Malaysia Under Spotlight in Freedom of Thought Index After Atheist ‘Hunt’

Malaysia is under the spotlight in Freedom of Thought Index after the atheist 'hunt' earlier this year.