Najib: Some of Malaysia’s Richest Owe Their Success to Government Policies

Najib says some of Malaysia's richest owe their success to government policies.

Farewell to a Football Legend

Farewell to football legend Chow Chee Keong.

Activist Adam Adli Acquitted of Sedition Charge

Activist Adam Adli acquitted of sedition charge.

Namewee Remanded Four Days over CNY ‘Like a Dog’ Music Video

Namewee has been remanded for four days over his CNY 'Like a Dog' music video.

Ambiga Disappointed with Court’s Decision on EC Delineation

Lawyer Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan is disappointed with the court's decision on EC delineation of electoral areas.

PM Tells Malaysians to Live Within Their Means

The Prime Minister tells Malaysians to lie within their means when addressing a forum on the effects of the 2018 Budget on Malaysian households.

Calls to Abolish Postal Voting

A veterans' group and Bersih 2.0 are calling for the abolishment of postal voting.

Cops Went Beyond Call of Duty to Clear Bridge Filled with Sand

Traffic policemen who went beyond the call of duty to clear the Penang Bridge of sand spilt from an overturned lorry commended by Lim Guan Eng.

Our Slow 4G Speed

Malaysia's 4G mobile Internet service is among the lowest of 88 countries surveyed.

Fahmi Reza Jailed One Month, Fined RM30K over Clown Caricature of PM

Fahmi Reza jailed one month and fined RM30,000 over a clown caricature of the Prime Minister posed online.