Malay Atheists Fear for Their Lives

Malay atheists fear for their lives.

The Senseless Killing of Farkhunda

The Killing of Farkhunda is a BBC documentary of the brutal mob lynching of an Afghan woman wrongly accused of burning the Koran.

The Dire Need for Cheaper Homes

Properties are unsold because of their "ridiculous" prices.

Preparations Begin for Johor Royal Wedding

Preparations begin for Johor royal wedding.

Pumped Up for SEA Games

Najib urges athletes to do their best in SEA Games and Para Asean Games.

The True Story of Marawi Muslims Who Saved 69 Christian Lives

Marawi Muslims who saved Christians.

Film Fever: The Battleship Island Stars in KL, Young Bruce Lee Film to Be...

The Battleship Island stars at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and young Bruce Lee film to be shot in Penang.

Jet Li Gives Dead Stunt-Double’s Family HK$5.8M

Jet Li donates HK$5.8 million to the family of his dead stunt-double.

Marriage Amendment Bill Passed Minus Clause 88A

Marriage Amendment Bill passed, minus Clause 88A

MACC: Report Civil Services Living Beyond Their Means

The MACC has urged people who knew of civil servants living beyond their means to report them.