Pakatan’s 5 Core Steps to Clean Country of Graft

Pakatan Harapan has unveiled a five-point anti-corruption manifesto, vowing to make Malaysia among the 10 "cleanest" nations in the world by the year 2030.

Datuk Seri in Rela Assault Case Remanded Four Days

Nicky Liow, the Datuk Seri in the Rela assault case has been remanded for four days.

Datuk Seri in Rela Assault Case Surrenders in Grand Style

Datuk Seri who was recorded assaulting three Rela men surrenders himself to the police.

Tony Fernandes Launches ‘Flying High’ Autobiography

Tony Fernandes launches 'Flying High' autobiography.

“Datuk Seri” Beats Up Rela Men for Showing Him No Respect

A "Datuk Seri" beat up three Rela men for not showing him respect.

Act to Curb Selling of Awards Enforced Today

The Emblems and Names Act (Amended) 2016 and the Awards Act 2016 which curbs the selling of awards and titles take effect today.

Sri Damansara Link Opens at Midnight Tonight

Sri Damansara Link opens.

Captain Izham Ismail: From COO to New Malaysia Airlines CEO

Captain Izham Ismail, the current COO of Malaysia Airlines, will be its new CEO.

PAS Wants Shariah Bill Back on Upcoming Parliament Agenda

PAS wants the Shariah Bill back on the upcoming Parliament agenda.

Sarawak BN to Umno: Not Possible to Make Malaysia an Islamic State

Refuting what an Umno leader said, SUPP's Sebastian Ting said it is not possible to make Malaysia an Islamic state.