Maria Chin Will Only Contest Federal Seat

Maria Chin will only contest a federal seat.

Jern-Fei Ng QC

Malaysian Jern-Fei Ng was appointed a Queen's Counsel.

Govt to Restore Order to Internet if Bloggers, Social Media Users Irresponsible

The government will step in and restore order to the Internet if bloggers and social media users fail to act responsibly.

Though Troubled over Decision on Apostasy Cases, Heckling, Seca Seeks to Preserve Goodwill

Though troubled over the decision on apostasy cases and the heckling of Archbishop Simon Poh, Seca seeks to preserve goodwill.

Maria to Contest in GE14

Maria Chin Abdullah to contest in GE14.

Petronas to Pay Government RM19B

Petronas to pay the Government RM19 billion in dividend for 2017.

Liow Tells Nazri: Watch Your Language

MCA president Liow Tiong Lai tells Tourism Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz to watch his language in their spat over Nazri's insulting comments of Robert Kuok.

PH Allowed to Challenge RoS over Registration Delay

The court allowed Pakatan Harapan to challenge the RoS over the delay in registering the Opposition pact.

Lawyer Baru Bian Receives Death Threats, Insults over Apostasy Case

Lawyer Baru Bian receives death threats and insults over apostasy case.

‘Datuk’ Harasses New Flame of Ex-Girlfriend

A 'Datuk' has been harassing the new flame of his ex-girlfriend to scare him so that he can win back his old flame.