Marriage Amendment Bill Passed Minus Clause 88A

Marriage Amendment Bill passed, minus Clause 88A

MACC: Report Civil Services Living Beyond Their Means

The MACC has urged people who knew of civil servants living beyond their means to report them.

Brat’s Toy: Ferrari in LV Print That He Is Too Young to Drive

Dubai billionaire's son Rashed Saif Belhasa's Ferrari wrapped in Louis Vuitton prints.

No-No to ‘DAP165’ Said to be Play on the Word ‘DAPigs’ in Film Trailer

The scene with a vehicle bearing number plate 'DAP165', said to be a play on the word 'DAPigs', will be removed from the trailer of 'Malay Regiment'.

Malaysia Probes Atheist Group After Uproar over Muslim Apostates

Malaysia probes atheist group Atheist Republic.

Outcry over Minister’s “Doing Well” Statement of Rape Victim

Social media outcry over minister's statement that rape victim forced to marry rapist is "doing well".

From Makeup Artist to ‘Shah Rukh Khan’!

A viral video of makeup artist Alha Alfa transforming himself into Shah Rukh Khan wowing netizens.

Tycoon’s Daughter Responds to Critics

Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng's estranged daughter Angeline Francis Khoo hits back at critics.

Msian Bar to Challenge Extended Tenures of Top Judges

Malaysian Bar to challenge extended tenures of two top judges.

Little ‘Celine Dion’ Stuns Again

Nine-year-old Celine Tam impressed again with another powerful performance in America's Got Talent, earning the Golden Buzzer.