He vs She

Guys don't get it and gals don't understand. We're talking the two genders. YouTube sensation nigahiga has nailed it, spot on!

Running the Good Race

Listen to the jovial banter of Karen Loh, founder of the Malaysia Women Marathon, and supportive husband Fred Liew.

Stunning Masterpieces

Bird's eye view of our breathtaking planet, with some of the most amazing natural landscapes.

Busting Common Health Myths

You must drink 8 glasses of water everyday? No. You drink water whenever you feel thirsty. Find out about other health myths.

Work Smart, Hard, or Both?

Solid tips from successful passionpreneur extraordinaire Moustafa Hamwi, also known as The Passion Guy, on what works in work.

My Isaac to the Lord: Synopsis

My Isaac to the Lord is a powerful testimony of miracles from life-and-death trials in Malaysia. The book was published in 2001 and the compelling story is now published in The True Net in instalments.

Anne Ng: What I Do

Anne Ng, Christian, Malaysian, former Lecturer, Author, Editor and Publisher founded The True Net to fight fake news and report truths.