#UndiRosak Forum and Advocates Face Insults, Mockery

s#UndiRosak forum and advocates face insults and mockery.

Stop Demonising Shia Muslims, Asri Lectured on Human Rights

Prominent academics and activists lecture Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin on human rights, telling him to stop demonising Shia Muslims and to prove his claim that they pose a threat to national security.

Stop Persecuting Social Media Users, MCMC Told

MCMC was told by Lawyers for Liberty to stop persecuting social media users.

Man Arrested for Slapping Woman for Not Wearing Hijab

A man was arrested for slapping an Indonesian Muslim woman for not wearing a hijab at a bus stop.

Stripping Rogue Datuks of Their Titles

The Pahang Regent recently said that recipients should do the honourable thing and surrender their titles if they are accused of crimes.

Bersih Seeks 100K Selangor Objectors to Beat EC’s Boundary Changes

Bersih seeks 100,000 Selangor objectors to beat the Election Commission's redelineation exercise.

Not Something to Boast About When Grads Have to Sell Nasi Lemak, Drive Uber

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said it is not something to boast about when graduates have to sell nasi lemak and drive Uber.

Viral Video of Man Slapping Woman Allegedly for Not Wearing Headscarf

Viral video of a man slapping a woman allegedly for not wearing a headscarf.

Genting Group Family Feud

The legal battles by Genting heirs.

More Than 17M Yuan Donations for Gritty ‘Frost Boy’

More than 17 million yuan has been donated to the gritty 'impoverished Frost Boy' who braved sub-zero weather to walk 4.5km to school in rural China.