Dance Producer to Answer Charge for Releasing Balloons at PM’s Function

Dance producer Bilqis Hijjas had her acquittal reversed and will answer the charge for behaving in an insulting manner for releasing balloons at an event the prime minister was attending.

It’s Anyone’s Guess Now if the ‘German F&B Party’ Is On

The twists and turns of the 'German F&B Party' render its status of being held as uncertain.

Twitter User Threatens to Kill Men Who Support Saudi Women Driving

Twitter user threatens to kill men who support Saudi women driving.

Ask IGP, Zahid Says, After Ordering Beer Fest Ban

Zahid passes the buck of the blanket ban on beer fests to IGP.

Stealing Food from the Poor

Greedy people steal charity food put in the "Love & Hope Port" fridge outside a cake shop in Butterworth that was meant to feed the poor.

Apology from DBKL over Rude Guard Refusing Entry to Architect in

DBKL issued a formal apology over a rude guard who refused to let a visitor in a skirt enter the building.

Tian Chua Goes to Jail After Withdrawing Appeal

Tian Chua goes to jail after withdrawing his appeal against the sentence.

Promoters Think Twice About Bringing Talent to Malaysia

Islamic hardliners making show promoters think twice about bringing talent to Malaysia.

Facebook User Jailed 7 Days for Disrespecting late Kedah Sultan

A Facebook user was jailed for seven days for posting rude and disrespectful comments on social media over the death of the late Kedah Sultan.

After Royal Rebuke: Apology from Muslim-Only Launderette, Open to All Now, Praises for Sultan

The controversial 'Muslims only' Muar launderette has apologised to the Johor Sultan after his reprimand and has opened its services to all.