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Najib: Why I Didn’t Make RM2.6B Donation Public

Najib explains why he did not make the RM2.6 billion donation public.

Tony Pua Asks Najib Why Arul Kanda Deserved RM5M Payout

Tony Pua asks Najib why Arul Kanda deserved RM5 million payout.

Putrajaya to Refuse Half of RM5M Approved by Najib to Arul...

Putrajaya to refuse to pay half of RM5 million approved by Najib to Arul Kanda.

Lawyer: Khairuddin Will Prove RM115M Pink Diamond Is with Rosmah

Lawyer Gopal Sri Ram says that 1MDB critic Khairuddin Abu Hassan will prove RM115 million pink diamond is with Rosmah.

Report: 1,000 in Money-Laundering Probe

Allegedly 1,000 names are in a list of people to be probed over the 1MDB scandal.

Multiple Charges To Be Brought Against Najib over 1MDB

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said multiple charges would be brought against Najib over 1MDB.

Khairuddin Meets Interpol in France for Help in Tracking Down Jho...

Khairuddin Abu Hassan meets Interpol in France for help in tracking down Jho Low.

1MDB’s RM9.8B ‘Investments’ a Scam, Can’t Repay Debts

US DoJ's claim that 'fund units' were "relatively worthless" and a front for money that had already been stolen seems true. "Utterly dishonest" Arul Kanda...

Evidence That Najib Received 1MDB Funds Was Ignored

Evidence that Najib received 1MDB funds was ignored.

Court Orders PM, 1MDB, Govt to Enter Defence in Suit Against...

The High Court has ordered Prime Minister Najib Razak, 1MDB and the federal government to enter their defence in a suit against an IPIC settlement.

Ex-Finas Chairman Hans Isaac to “Return” Salary, Allowances Received to Film Industry

When Hans Isaac became Finas chairman last year, he made a promise to himself that he would not benefit a single sen from his newfound appointment.

Johor Sultan Threatens to Dissolve State Assembly if Alleged Power Grab Continues

The Johor legislative assembly will be dissolved if politicians continue to fight for positions.

Dennis Ignatius on Mahathir’s Great Game

A stunning tale of treachery and betrayal the likes of which we have not seen before.

Two MPH Bookstores in Klang Valley to Close on June 6

Renowned local bookstore chain MPH is set to close two of its Klang Valley outlets this week with more likely to come.

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