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Anwar’s Testimony at Bank Negara’s RCI Proceeding

Anwar Ibrahim and Mohd Sidek Hassan, Bank Negara's Royal Commission of Inquiry tribunal chairman, in heated debate during the former's testimony at proceeding.

Guan Eng: Cabinet Agrees to Defend Constitution, Vernacular Schools Constitutional

The existence of vernacular schools is consistent with the Federal Constitution and the cabinet has agreed to defend the constitution.

Babysitter Who Stuffed Chilli into Boy’s Mouth, Causing Death, Back in Jail

A babysitter who shoved a green chilli into the mouth of a toddler, causing him to choke to death, today returned to jail after the Court of Appeal enhanced her 18-month sentence to 10 years.

Praba, Tian Chua Keep Mum on Call for Batu MP to Vacate Seat

Batu MP P Prabakaran and PKR vice-president Tian Chua have declined to comment on a call by 14 NGOs urging for a by-election in the constituency.

Video of Men in BN T-Shirts Claim Perak MB Wants Bersatu to Leave Pakatan

Ahmad Faizal Azumu in spotlight again after a video of men accusing him of talking about the possibility of Bersatu withdrawing from the PH coalition surfaced on social media.

Najib Files Last-Minute Motion to Postpone 1MDB Trial

Najib has filed a motion at the eleventh hour to postpone his trial for allegedly tampering with the 1MDB’s audit report scheduled to begin in the High Court on Monday.

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