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EC Chief Slams Campaign Rule Critics, Calls It Political

Calling it political, EC chairman Azhar Harun hit out at critics of police licensing requirements for election campaigns, saying the remarks were “driven by bad faith”.

Kit Siang: The Lesson from the New Political Persecution of Guan Eng, Betty Chew

After 55 years in Malaysian politics fighting for a better Malaysia, Kit Siang was inclined to take a back seat, but it was not to be.

Covid-19: 13 New Cases

Malaysia recorded 13 new Covid-19 cases as of Sunday (Aug 9), bringing total infections in the country to 9,083.

Saifuddin Apologises over Finas Licensing Issue

Saifuddin Abdullah openly apologised to social media practitioners today over his recent statement in Parliament regarding the Finas licensing issue.

Guan Eng: Why Is MACC Chief Azam Baki Behaving So Personally Against Me?

Azam Baki has challenged Guan Eng to lodge a police report or take MACC to court following his Facebook comment.

Guan Eng: Come After Me, Leave My Family Alone

Come after me as much as you want but leave my family alone, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng told his “political enemies” today.

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