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Azmin Booed at Felda Event

Loud jeers greeted Azmin Ali when he addressed thousands of Felda settlers during an event he attended with Dr Mahathir in Pahang recently.

MACC Clears Azmin of Shady RM3.1M Transfer Allegations

The alleged transfer of RM3.1 million from UEM into a bank account purportedly belonging to Azmin Ali does not exist.

Dr M Reiterates Azmin Need Not Resign

Dr Mahathir has reiterated his support for Azmin, saying the economic affairs minister need not resign over a gay sex video allegedly featuring him.

Rais Yatim: No Black and White for Anwar to Become PM,...

There is no official agreement for Anwar Ibrahim to succeed Mahathir despite the promise as per Pakatan Harapan’s election pledges.

Azmin: I Wanted Haziq Sacked for Campaigning for BN in GE14

Azmin Ali today said that he had proposed to his party’s leadership to sack Haziq Aziz after the latter was found to be campaigning for BN in GE14.

Haziq: Azmin and I Kept Our Work Lives Separate

Haziq Aziz said Azmin Ali and he first became intimate in 2016 but they had always kept their relationship separate from their duties.

Time for Azmin to Clear the Air

It has been more than a week and the gay porn saga involving Azmin Ali continues.

Azmin Must Resign if Guilty

The political secretary of Anwar Ibrahim has urged Azmin Ali to resign if gay sex videos are proven to be genuine.

Azmin Gave Statement to Cops over Viral Sex Video Probe

Azmin Ali has given his statement to the police yesterday pertaining to the viral sex video controversy that has been linked to him.

Azmin Knows Haziq from Afar as PKR Member

Dragged into a sex scandal, Azmin Ali today said he was acquainted with his accuser Haziq Aziz but only in passing as a fellow member of PKR.

Lokman Slams Umno Leaders for Defending Azmin

Lokman Adam has hit out at leaders of his own party for allegedly defending Azmin Ali over a sex scandal.

Azmin’s Family Rallies in Wake of Gay Sex Confession

Family members of Azmin Ali have taken to social media to voice support for him in the wake of a shocking confession over alleged homosexual acts said to involve two prominent party members.

Anwar: Call to Push Forth Malay Agenda is Azmin’s Personal Opinion

PH warned to not “out-Malay” Umno and PAS.

Anwar on Rumours to Cause Tension, Azmin on Lifetime Bonding with...

Anwar says the Cabinet reshuffle rumour were created to cause tension in PH while Azmin hopes his bond with Anwar lasts a lifetime.

Azmin Discharged, Steady Stream of VIP Visitors

VIP visitors include the King, Dr Siti Hasmah, Dr Wan Azizah and Anwar Ibrahim.




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