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Branson’s Virgin Orbit Co Fails First Rocket Launch Attempt

Billionaire mogul Richard Branson's Virgin Orbit company aborted its first attempt to launch a rocket into space from the belly of a 747 airplane on Monday.

Guan Eng: Why Is MACC Chief Azam Baki Behaving So Personally Against Me?

Azam Baki has challenged Guan Eng to lodge a police report or take MACC to court following his Facebook comment.

Guan Eng: Come After Me, Leave My Family Alone

Come after me as much as you want but leave my family alone, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng told his “political enemies” today.

Johor Bersatu Dismisses Talk of Exodus to Join Dr M

Johor Bersatu has dismissed allegations that there would be mutiny among its ranks to join the party Dr Mahathir plans to set up.

Dr M to Look into Anwar’s Remark on His New Party Joining PH

Dr Mahathir said he does not know about Anwar saying they were ready to work with Mahathir’s new party in the coalition.

Seating for Dr M Bloc in Dewan Rakyat to Be Reviewed

The seating for the six Independent Members of Parliament (MPs) in the Dr Mahathir bloc in Dewan Rakyat will be reviewed as they are currently seated far apart from each other.

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