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Danger Lurks in Drive-In Cinemas

Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu must have been beaming with pride when launching the country’s first drive-in cinema in Ipoh, a brainchild of his.

Tanah Melayu, Vernacular Schools and Bible – Muhyiddin’s Govt Will Pay the Price for...

PAS women chief announced that Sabahan cannot go to heaven as they are unable to vote for PAS.

Covid-19: 62 New Cases

Covid-19 cases entered five-figure range.

Bung Moktar: Nine-Point GRS Manifesto to Boost Sabah’s Economy, People’s Welfare

The GRS manifesto contained proposals to drive Sabah’s economic growth and improve state residents’ welfare.

New Japanese PM Suga Names Cabinet, Many Carried over from Predecessor

Japanese ruling party president Yoshihide Suga was poised to become the nation’s next prime minister on Wednesday.

Shafie: Plot to Split Votes Aimed at Denying Warisan Plus Victory

Shafie Apdal claims that there exists a grand plan to split votes in an attempt to topple Warisan Plus in the 16th Sabah state election.

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