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Guan Eng Graft Trial: Day One

Day One of the Lim Guan Eng graft trial.

Guan Eng: Muhyiddin Must Explain Goldman Sachs Deal

The US$2.5 billion that the bank will only end up paying Malaysia is just one third of the US$7.5 billion the Pakatan federal government had claimed.

Teresa Kok: Curious if MACC, AGC Don’t Prosecute Mara Graft Case After Australia Files...

Australian authorities’ prosecution of a man for bribing a Malaysian government official should be impetus for the MACC to proceed with the case that is now over four years’ old.

Hamzah: Case Against Those Who Claimed Guan Eng’s Son Arrested in Spore with AGC...

The police have completed their investigation into individuals who falsely alleged that Guan Eng's son was arrested with RM2 million in Singapore.

Rosmah’s Bribe Trial: Proceedings Halted, Lawyer Unwell

The KL High Court today vacated Rosmah's corruption trial as her defence counsel, who is tasked to cross-examine a prosecution witness, is unwell.

Darell Leiking: Azmin Not Entirely Forthright on Ratification of Trade Deal

I refer to the remarks made in Parliament yesterday by Azmin Ali on the CPTPP.

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