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Report: Hisham’s Brother to Transfer Security-Label Concession to Dr M’s Cronies...

Since 2014, Haris Onn Hussein has monopolised the security labels for cigarettes, beer and liquor in Malaysia.

11 Arrested so Far in Datuk Seri’s Kidnap-Murder Probe

Selangor CID chief Fadzil Ahmat said they had so far arrested 11 suspects in connection with investigations into the kidnap-murder of Datuk Seri Arumugam Renganathan.

PH Says Ariff Proven as Speaker, Should Not be Replaced

The PH secretariat said Speaker Ariff Md Yusof and his deputy, Nga Kor Ming, should both remain in their posts to continue with ongoing parliamentary reforms.

Umno to Cite CIMB for Contempt over Refusal to Release RM192M

CIMB has not complied with the court ruling for an immediate release of the money to Umno.

MACC Fails in Bid to Retrieve RM4.6M 1MDB Funds from Mediaedge

The MACC failed in its bid to forfeit RM4,631,602 that was seized from a bank account belonging to Mediaedge for allegedly linked to the 1MDB fund scandal.

Criticism of Probe into Book with “Controversial Cover”

Controversial image featured on book cover should not be seen as a manipulation of the Jata Negara.

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