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Court Orders Jamal to Pay RM300K to Maria in Defamation Suit

The High Court today ordered Jamal Yunos to pay RM300,000 to former Bersih 2.0 chairman Maria Chin after finding him liable for defaming her by linking Bersih with the Daesh militant group.

Jamal Ordered to Attend Court After Bid for Exemption Rejected

The Ampang Magistrate’s Court today dismissed an application by Sungai Besar Umno division leader Jamal Md Yunos for exemption of his personal appearance in court during the next proceeding of the four charges against him.

Jamal Slapped with Latest Charge of Leaving Malaysia Illegally

Jamal Md Yunos was slapped with the latest charged of leaving Malaysia illegally.

Jamal Slapped with Two More Charges

Jamal slapped with two more charges.

Jamal Applies to ‘Generous’ A-G to Drop Charges Against Him

Jamal applies to 'generous' A-G to drop charges against him.

Attorney General’s Chambers Appeals Against Jamal’s Bail

The Attorney General's Chambers is appealing against Jamal Yunos' bail.

High Court Grants Jamal Bail

High Court grants Jamal bail.

Bail Orders Revoked, Jamal to Stay in Sungai Buloh Prison

Jamal will stay in Sungai Bulon prison after his bail orders were revoked.

EC on Jamal’s ‘Cash for Votes’: Tell It to MACC

The Election Commission chief says that complaints on Jamal's 'cash for votes' should be reported to the MACC.

Jamal’s RM25K Lucky Draw Prize, RM2K to Fishermen for Votes

Jamal Md Yunos promises Sekinchan fisherfolk RM2,000 cash for votes.

PKR Wanita Delgates Get Standing Ovation for Speeches Rejecting Racism, Child Marriage

Ask what you can get for rakyat and not yourselves, PKR women’s chief tells delegates.

AG: Appeal Against Rafizi Done Without His Knowledge, to Act Against Errant Officers

Tommy Thomas shocked by news reports that the AGC had appealed against the acquittal of Rafizi Ramli.

Don’t Come, Hilman, Dr Wan Azizah Quips

Don’t attend the PKR Congress if you don’t want to, Dr Wan Azizah said to Youth deputy chief Hilman Idham.

Totally Untrue: A-G Debunks Zahid’s Tit-for-Tat Claim over Chin Peng’s Ashes

A-G Tommy Thomas has clarified that he never communicated with Zahid Hamidi regarding the ashes of Chin Peng.

PAS: Back Door, Front Door, We’ll Take Any One

PAS today said it had no problem with forming a backdoor government, unlike Umno which earlier said it would only take over from PH through formal means.

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