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JJPTR Makes a Move While Investors Differ in Opinion

JJPTR website reactivated, with announcement on new system in three days, and investors give their views onf MBI International and Boss Venture schemes.

Apandi: Sri Ram Never Explained the Evidence Against Najib

Apandi Ali today said Gopal Sri Ram had never explained what evidence there was in the public domain against Najib Razak.

Stereotyping Leads to Inadvertent Racism

Every now and then, there will be reports about Malaysians being racist by barring people from an entire continent from staying in a condominium or rooms are only let out to those of a specific race.

Covid-19: 14 New Cases

Malaysia recorded 14 new Covid-19 cases today, 11 of which were local transmissions while three were Malaysians infected while abroad.

Adib’s Family Slam IGP for “Irresponsible” Remarks on Fireman’s Death

Family claims IGP has poor understanding of case details.

Immigration Revokes Work Permit of Migrant in Al Jazeera Report

The Immigration Department has revoked the work permit of a Bangladesh national who appeared in the contentious Al Jazeera documentary, "Locked Up in Malaysia’s Lockdown" recently.

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