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Call on VC to Withdraw UM’s Police Report

The University of Malaya Vice-Chancellor Abdul Rahim Hashim should withdraw the University’s police report and stop targeting student activists for their protests but to address them.

DAP Leaders Zoom in on Public Varsities Organising Malay Congress

Remember other ethnic groups, Kit Siang says ahead of Malay Dignity Congress.

Kit Siang: The Shame of Worldwide Advertisement of 1MDB Scandal

Malaysians must not be cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

Kit Siang Wants Dragnet Extended to Rahman Dahlan, Two Others

Welcoming the IGP's confirmation that the report lodged against Apandi Ali would be investigated, Kit Siang said the dragnet should also extend to three others.

Kit Siang: DAP Wants to Remove Maszlee as Education Minister? Lies!

DAP has denied allegations that the party wants to oust Maszlee Malik and replace him with his deputy Teo Nie Ching.

Kit Siang: Can Malaysia Break Away from Suspicion, Distrust?

Malaysians must trust and have faith in each other and not fall prey to toxic politics of fear, hate and distrust, DAP’s Lim Kit Siang said.

Ambiga to Kit Siang, Najib: Behave Like Statesmen

The war of words between Kit Siang and Najib has become a routine between both parties.

Kit Siang Sues Ex-Top Cop Hanif over “Cock and Bull” Story

Iskandar Puteri MP Lim Kit Siang has filed a civil suit against former inspector-general of police Hanif Omar over allegations that he wanted to split Malaysia along racial lines.

Kit Siang Campaigns for Anwar in PD

DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang said voters in Port Dickson have the historic chance of being represented by the future prime minister of Malaysia.

Kit Siang: Malaysia is Secular, Not an Islamic Country

Lim Kit Siang says Malaysia is a secular, not an Islamic country.

Kit Siang Tells IGP to Quit for Failing to Put Jho...

Lim Kit Siang tells the IGP to quit for failing to put Jho Low on the Interpol Red Notice List.

Kit Siang Rejects Ex-IGP’s SB Report as Fictitious

Kit Siang rejects ex-IGP's Special Branch report as fictitious.

Kit Siang to Sue Ex-Top Cop Hanif Omar over ‘Dividing Malaysia’...

Lim Kit Siang to sue ex-top cop Hanif Omar over 'dividing Malaysia' claim.

Ex-IGP Threw Kit Siang into Jail to Keep Racial Harmony

Ex-IGP Hanif Omar said he threw Lim Kit Siang into jail to keep racial harmony.

Najib Urged to Tell on Jho Low

Najib urged to tell on Jho Low.

Pelvic Bone 99% Match to Missing Aussie Grandmother

DNA testing on a pelvic bone found at a construction site has shown it was from missing Aussie grandmother Annapuranee Jenkins.

Dr M Expected to Announce New Party Today

Dr Mahathir Mohamad is expected to announce the formation of a new party during a press conference scheduled for 4pm, according to sources.

Shafie: Coup Could Still Happen After Polls, Sabah Needs Anti-Hopping Law

Caretaker Chief Minister Shafie Apdal has voiced concern that a political coup may still take place in Sabah even after a new state government is formed.

Court Allows Muhyiddin’s Bid to Strike out Dr M’s Suit

The High Court here allowed applications by Muhyiddin Yassin and three others to strike out a lawsuit against them by Dr Mahathir and four others to challenge their termination from the party.

Guan Eng: I Never Received Money, Charges Politically Motivated

Calling the corruption charge against him as politically motivated, Lim Guan Eng said he had not received any gratification in the undersea tunnel project.

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