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Guan Eng Says Did Not Approve RM450M Kelantan Project, to Discuss...

Guan Eng and Prime Minister deny approving project.

Sleepless Nights as Guan Eng Sweeps for ‘Time Bombs’ in MoF

Sleepless nights as Guan Eng sweeps for 'time bombs' in the Ministry of Finance.

1MDB’s RM9.8B ‘Investments’ a Scam, Can’t Repay Debts

US DoJ's claim that 'fund units' were "relatively worthless" and a front for money that had already been stolen seems true. "Utterly dishonest" Arul Kanda...

A ‘Shocking’ First Day at MoF for Guan Eng

First day at work as Finance Minister and Lim Guan Eng has already made some shocking discoveries.

Finance Minister-Designate Already Battling Fake News Allegedly from MoF

The Finance Minister-Designate is already battling fake news allegedly from the Ministry of Finance.

Dennis Ignatius on Mahathir’s Great Game

A stunning tale of treachery and betrayal the likes of which we have not seen before.

Two MPH Bookstores in Klang Valley to Close on June 6

Renowned local bookstore chain MPH is set to close two of its Klang Valley outlets this week with more likely to come.

Umno Leader Tajuddin Backs Najib’s Son to Run in Chini By-Election

Najib's eldest son would be a good choice for Barisan Nasional’s defence of the Chini state seat.

Ex-Miss Universe Malaysia Apologises for Controversial Comments on US Protests

2017 Miss Malaysia Universe Samantha Katie James has apologised for the remarks posted on her Instagram stories in the wake of protests in the United States which has drawn vast criticism.

We Are Ready for GE15, Says Zahid After Najib’s Visit

Amid reports of a campaign to oust Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the Umno president last night received a visit from his predecessor, Najib Razak, indicating the latter’s support for him.

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