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Musa Aman Did Not Sneak Out of Country

Apparently. Musa Aman did not sneak out of the country.

Malaysian Literary Giant KS Maniam Dies

News of KS Maniam’s death was shared on Facebook by his friend Malachi Edwin Vethamani, a professor at the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus.

Report: Altantuya’s C4 Mystery Revived by Americk Siddhu’s New Revelations

Why Americk Sidhu’s new revelation that on the night of the murder two military officers were registered as entering the private residence of Najib and Rosmah is worth at least exploring.

Former DCA Chief, MH370 Steward’s Widow Ask Abbott “Why Now?” over MH370 Claim

The former chief of local aviation regulator Azharuddin Abdul Rahman has questioned the motive of ex-Australian prime minister Tony Abbott for his revelation on the missing Flight MH370.

IGP: Jho Low Definitely Listed in Interpol’s Red Notice

IGP Hamid Bador has reiterated that Jho Low’s name is on the International Criminal Police Organisation's (Interpol) Red Notice list.

Hisham on MH370 Murder-Suicide Claim: We Explored Every Possibility

Hishammuddin Hussein asserted today that the transport ministry had explored every possible lead on the missing MH370 flight, including speculations of a mass murder and suicide bid by its pilot.

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