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Najib Signed Guarantee Letter for RM2B KWAP Loan to SRC, KWAP...

Najib signed a government letter of guarantee for SRC on RM2bil financing from KWAP.

Mariam Mokhtar on Ramesh Rao

Ramesh’s actions suggest that he is just another Umno-Baru paid cybertrooper, spreading misinformation to confuse and distract Malaysians.

Politics Not to Serve but to Enrich Themselves!

Let’s hope and pray that Sabahans will teach the corrupt a lesson that will not be forgotten.

Forty-Two Months’ Jail for British Woman Who Killed Husband

The Alor Setar High Court today imposed a 42-month jail on a British woman for culpable homicide not amounting to murder in the death of her husband in Langkawi in 2018.

Malaysian Bar: Time for ‘Anti-Hopping’ Law

Malaysian Bar President Salim Bashir today urged the PN government to urgently enact anti-hopping legislation to prevent elected lawmakers from switching parties.

Dr Mahathir Will Be Heading to Sabah to Convince Voters Not to Support Party-Hopping...

Dr Mahathir has said he will be going to Sabah to campaign against the allegedly corrupt state assemblymen who defected in support of Musa Aman last week.

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