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Najib Signed Guarantee Letter for RM2B KWAP Loan to SRC, KWAP...

Najib signed a government letter of guarantee for SRC on RM2bil financing from KWAP.

Waytha’s Defamation Suit Settled, JMM President Azwanddin Says Sorry for P-Word

Defamation suit filed by Waytha against Azwanddin is settled after the latter agreed to make an open apology to the minister-in-charge of national unity. Malay...

Lokman Adam Issued Show Cause Letter

Lokman Noor Adam was served a show-cause letter over his statements on social media that could purportedly disrupt ethnic peace and harmony in the country.

Vell Paari Claims Father Samy Vellu Has Mental Health Issues

Samy’s former mistress Meeriam had initiated a legal proceeding against Samy and his son Vell.

RM500K Birthday Watch for Rosmah, RM3.5M Jewellery Gift for Ex-Qatar PM’s Wife

Najib told the High Court today that he gave his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, a watch, priced at US$130,625 (RM543,530), for her birthday.

Anwar’s Accuser, Dr M’s Lawyer, Anwar’s Lawyer All at Bukit Aman

Accompanied by a lawyer who had previously acted for Dr Mahathir, Yusoff Rawther was under police questioning at Bukit Aman today.

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