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A Peek into Secretive North Korea

With the murder of Kim Jong-Nam, The True Net's top story brings you the little-known secrets of North Korea.

Ex-Bar Presidents Zainur, Ambiga Represent AG in Contempt Case

Senior lawyers Zainur Zakaria and Ambiga Sreenivasan have been given special licences to represent A-G Tommy Thomas in his contempt case brought by fireman Adib's father.

High Court Orders Reopening of Probe into Death of Dutch Model Ivana Smit

Police will reopen their investigation into the death of Ivana Smit, a Dutch model who fell from of a condominium here in 2017.

Union: HSBC ‘No Retrenchments’ Claim a Lie

HSBC Bank is lying about there not being a retrenchment exercise following its decision to outsource functions to foreign and local vendors.

Khairy: Notice of Motion to Debate PM Succession Fake

Speaker says Parliament never received, acknowledged any motion from Khairy.

Tuan Ibrahim Told to Apologise over False Accusations Against Guan Eng

Tuan Ibrahim had called for Lim Guan Eng to be removed if there was a cabinet reshuffle.

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