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Najib, Rosmah Succeed in Striking out PI Bala’s Family Suit

Najib and Rosmah succeed in striking out PI Bala's family suit.

Covid-19: 5 New Cases

Malaysia is back to recording single-digit of new Covid-19 cases, at five, as of noon today.

DAP MP Ramkarpal: Cops Quizzing Parlimen Digital Youth Participants Possibly Seen as Intimidation

The IGP should ensure that a purported probe into youth-led initiative Parlimen Digital does not continue as no laws have been breached with the simulation of a virtual Parliament session.

Rapper Kanye West Announces US Presidential Bid on Twitter

American rapper Kanye West announced on Saturday that he would run for president in 2020.

Not a Sin for the Chinese to Be Rich

A politician reaches for the race card once again, misrepresenting facts and risking causing hatred towards an ethnic group that has contributed a lot to Malaysia.

Anwar: Let’s Not Allow Ourselves Be Backstabbed Again

Anwar Ibrahim has urged his PH allies to stand united and not depend on other parties who will eventually betray them.

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