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Patriot Asks Perlis Mufti: Why Divide Us Now?

The only way forward for this country is for all Malaysians to unite and lend each other strength without any room for racism or parochial mentality.

IRF Director Accused of Sexual Harassment Claims to Be Victimised

Local civil society organisations say they are standing in solidarity with all sexual harassment survivors and that they are very concerned about the allegations.

Minister Zulkifli: Fridays Now Declared “Jawi Day”, Effective Today

In a move to boost a tradition and culture that has shaped Malaysia, Fridays have now been declared “Jawi Day”, effective today.

IGP: Ex-SRC CEO in Hong Kong but Cops There Uncooperative

Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil, the former SRC International CEO wanted by Malaysian authorities, has been identified to be in Hong Kong.

Pathologist, 5 Others Sentenced to Death for Murdering Kevin Morais

After nearly five years since the tragic death of DPP Kevin Morais, whose body was found in a barrel filled with concrete, six men were sentenced to death today for the murder.

High Court Dismisses MACC Bid to Seize Alleged 1MDB-Linked Money from IT Firm

Judge said the prosecution had failed on a balance of probability to prove that the amount was proceeds from unlawful activities.

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