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Raising Marriage Age to 18 in PH Manifesto

The Pakatan Harapan (PH) government cannot ignore child marriages because the pact had campaigned on resolving the issue, deputy minister Hannah Yeoh asserted. The DAP...

Malaysia Airports Files Suit Against AirAsia X

MAHB is taking legal action against AirAsia X Bhd to claim RM78.16 million being the outstanding aeronautical charges that the airline failed to collect at the KLIA.

Malaysian Bar Tells AG: Charge Khairuddin for Negligence Instead

The Malaysian Bar has suggested that Khairuddin Aman Razali be charged for negligence after authorities said they would not take further action.

Avoid Covid-19 ‘Cures’ Sold Online

The public is advised not to be deceived by medicines advertised on online shopping application that are purportedly effective in treating Covid-19 infection.

Dennis Ignatius: Corrupt Leaders Pushing Nation to the Brink

In many ways we are worse off today than before, certainly more corrupt and morally compromised.

Malaysia Airlines, Firefly Staff Get VSS Offer

The Malaysia Aviation Group has offered a VSS to employees while negotiations are ongoing with creditors and lessors over MAB restructuring plans.

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