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MACC Calls Rosmah for Questioning Tomorrow, May Face Arrest

MACC calls Rosmah Mansor for questioning tomorrow and she is likely to face arrest.

Rosmah was Jho Low’s Direct Line to Putrajaya

Rosmah was Jho Low's direct line to Putrajaya.

Rosmah May Face up to 20 Criminal Charges Very Soon

Rosmah may face up to 20 criminal charges very soon.

Less Than Half of Items Seized in 1MDB Raid Belong to...

Less than half of the items seized in 1MDB raids belong to Rosmah.

Customs Officers ‘Retaliated’ Against Najib, Sparked ‘Diamond Ring’ Saga

Customs officers 'retaliated' against Najib by sparking 'diamond ring' saga.

Lebanese Jeweller ‘Upset’ Having to Sue Close Friend Rosmah

Lebanese jeweller is 'upset' having to sue close friend Rosmah.

No Import Declaration on Jewellery Sent to Rosmah

No import declaration was made on the jewellery sent to Rosmah.

Court Fixes Oct 11 to Hear Rosmah’s Bid to Strike out...

The court has fixed Oct 11 to hear Rosmah's bid to strike out a jewellery suit against her.

Najib, Rosmah Succeed in Striking out PI Bala’s Family Suit

Najib and Rosmah succeed in striking out PI Bala's family suit.

Birthday Surprise for Najib at Parliament

Birthday surprise for Najib at Parliament.

Rosmah Bids to Strike Out RM60M Lawsuit by Lebanese Jeweller

Rosmah bids to strike out RM60 million lawsuit by Lebanese jeweller.

Rosmah May Have to Pay RM60M

Rosmah may have to pay RM60 million if jewellery is seized by the Customs Department.

Fake WhatsApp of Fake Lebanese Jeweller Suing Rosmah

A fake WhatsApp of a fake Lebanese jeweller suing Rosmah has gone viral.

Rosmah’s Undeclared Jewellery may be Confiscated

Rosmah's undeclared jewellery may be confiscated.

Lebanese Firm Sues Rosmah over Alleged RM60M Consignment of Jewellery

A Lebanese firm is suing Rosmah over an alleged RM60 million consignment of jewellery.

Academics Tell Government: Reject Emergency, Show Statesmanship

Muhyiddin Yassin’s government, though unstable, must show its commitment to parliamentary democracy and reject calling for an emergency.

Patriot: Emergency Proposal Absurd, Ill-conceived, Insincere

Muhyiddin Yassin's proposal to invoke an emergency rule has been described as absurd, ill-conceived and insincere.

MAHB Sets Record Straight over Lawsuit Against AirAsia X

Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) today clarified that its filing of a RM78 million lawsuit against AirAsia X will not derail the latter’s debt restructuring scheme.

Former Minister Syed Hamid: Malaysians Will Reject ‘Emergency’ Rule

Muhyiddin Yassin will find no public support for his alleged plan to invoke “emergency” powers to try and keep his administration intact.

Malaysian Medical Association Rejects Alleged Plan to Invoke ‘Emergency’ Rule Due to Covid-19

Muhyiddin Yassin’s alleged plan to govern the entire country using “emergency powers” is unnecessary.

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