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Some Umno People Envious of Jho Low-Najib Ties, Court Told

The High Court heard today that some people within Umno were jealous of Jho Low’s influence over and access to Najib.

Arul Kanda Told Ex-1MDB CEO to Leave Country to Avoid PAC...

PAC hearings on 1MDB fiasco in 2010 and 2015 were a farce.

Ex-1MDB CEO Paid RM99K Monthly, RM1.5M Bonus

Shahrol also received RM179,000 a year in director’s fees and another RM1,500 each time he attended a 1MDB board meeting.

Witness: Najib Used 1MDB to Raise Funds for GE13

Najib raised money through 1MDB to fund the 2013 election campaign.

Najib Agreed to 1MDB Borrowing RM3B from SOCSO to Lend to...

Najib agreed to 1MDB applying for a RM3 billion loan from SOCSO to lend to PetroSaudi International Limited.

Ex-CEO: Najib Prevented Government Audit of 1MDB

Najib had prevented an audit of 1MDB in December 2009, just months after the federal government took over ownership of the sovereign wealth fund.

Former CEO: Najib Spoke on Jho Low’s Phone to Doubtful 1MDB...

Najib had allegedly reached out to Bakke Salleh on Jho Low's mobile phone after the 1MDB chairperson at the time raised doubts about a joint-venture deal with PetroSaudi International (PSI).

Covid-19: 6 New Cases

Efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19 in the country continues to show good results, as zero local transmission was recorded in the last 24 hours for the second day in a row.

Cradle Fund CEO Murder Trial: Nazrin’s Body Had Heat-Induced Marks

A medical officer told the Shah Alam High Court today of heat-induced marks on the body of Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan, who was found dead during a fire at home on June 14, 2018.

Air Charters to Kickstart International Tourism

Controlled groups of passengers from chartered flights would be welcomed around the world.

Action Taken Against Bernama TV Host Who Used Derogatory Term on Al Jazeera

A Bernama TV talk show host is believed to have been suspended by the national news agency after using a derogatory Arabic term to describe Al Jazeera.

Cradle Fund CEO Murder Trial: Nazrin Suspected Ex-Wife Involved in Burglary at His House

A witness told the Shah Alam High Court that the late Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan had suspected his ex-wife was involved in a burglary at his house in 2015.

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