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Sis-in-Law and Husband Arrested in Cradle CEO Murder Probe

The sister-in-law of Cradle CEO Nazrin Hassan and her husband were arrested in connection with the murder probe on Nazrin.

Political Manoeuvrings to Oust the PH Government

The day’s flurry of meetings and frenzy of activities.

Junta Helped in 1MDB Cover-Up

A banned Thai opposition party today accused the former military junta of helping cover up Malaysia’s multi-billion-dollar 1MDB scandal.

Two Legal Eagles Claw Maszlee over LTTE

In a statement yesterday, Maszlee said Attorney-General Tommy Thomas was wrong to withdraw the cases and that he should toe the government's line on LTTE being a terrorist group.

Ipoh Teenage Girl Killed in Jealousy-Fuelled Attack

A teenage girl here died in an attack believed to have been fuelled by jealousy.

Dr M to Have Audience with Agong

Dr Mahathir is expected to have an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong today as the rumour mill over the country’s political situation goes into overdrive.

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