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SST to Collect RM28.3B in 2020

The Finance Ministry said the SST is forecast to register at least RM28.3 billion in tax collection next year.

Dr M: Honest, Detailed Post-Mortem on Crushing Defeat

PH will conduct a detailed post-mortem to identify the cause of its defeat in the Tg Piai by-election.

Fake Message: PM to Announce Resignation Soon

An officer from the Prime Minister's Office today denied that Dr Mahathir would immediately announce his resignation as stated in a message being circulated on social media.

Bombshell: Arul Kanda to Be Called as Prosecution Witness in 1MDB Audit Trial

Court rejects Najib’s request to postpone, 1MDB audit trial commences.

Why Syed Saddiq Needs to Resign

It is time Prime Minister weed out the under-performers and high on the list should be Syed Saddiq.

Anwar: Give Space for Rafizi to Think over Decision

Rafizi Ramli should be given space to think deeply whether to return to active politics or otherwise, said Anwar Ibrahim.

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