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Ku Li on PM Handover: Dr M Doesn’t Trust Anwar

Dr Mahathir will not hand over the prime minister’s post to Anwar as he does not trust the PKR president.

Umno Bank Accounts Frozen by MACC

Umno bank accounts have been frozen by the MACC.

Tony Pua: Ku Li Ignorant About Stock Market

^Tony Pua says Ku Li is ignorant about the stock market.

KJ Does U-Turn, Now Contesting Umno Presidency

KJ does a U-turn and is now contesting the Umno presidency.

Ku Li on Umno, Mahathir and Party Presidency

Tengku Razaleigh talks about Umno, Mahathir and his party's presidency.

Economists: Why Let 8 Million Tap EPF When Govt Can Afford Cash Assistance?

One key amendment made to Budget 2021 yesterday was the expansion of the eligibility criteria for EPF Account 1 withdrawals.

Reality TV Star Accused of Raping Woman in Shah Alam Condo Arrested

The police have arrested a reality show celebrity for the alleged rape of a 23-year-old woman last year.

Maria Chin Apologises to PH Supporters for Not Rejecting Budget 2021 at Policy Stage

Maria Chin Abdullah has apologised to Pakatan Harapan supporters for the decision not to support the call for a bloc vote to reject Budget 2021 at the policy stage

Petronas Posts RM3.4B Net Loss

Petronas posted a net loss of RM3.4 billion for the third quarter (Q3) ended September 30.

DAP MPs Come Under Fire for Letting Budget 2021 Pass Policy Stage

DAP MPs have come under a storm of angry reactions from party leaders and supporters for allowing Budget 2021 to pass the policy stage.

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