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Meeting To Be Arranged Between Dr M and Altantuya’s Father

Meeting to be arranged between Dr Mahathir and Altantuya's father.

Dr M Says Not Against Royals, Wants to Save Them from...

Dr Mahathir says he is not against Royals and wants to save them from the rakyat's anger.

Zahid Asked Dr M’s Advice on Managing Umno

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad revealed that Zahid Hamidi asked for his advice on managing Umno during their closed-door meeting.

Cheating Cost PH Many Seats in GE14

Tun Dr Mahathir says cheating cost Pakatan Harapan many seats in GE14.

Dr M Probed Under Anti-Fake News Law for Plane Sabotage Claim

Dr Mahathir is being investigated under the Anti-Fake News Law for his plane sabotage claim.

Joe Samad: Politicians Are the Biggest Gamblers

Khairuddin Aman Razali from PAS has hopped on the bandwagon again about banning gambling and alcohol.

AirAsia X to Liquidate Indonesia Operations

AirAsia X is liquidating its Indonesian arm in a bid to survive the virus pandemic that has left the low-cost airline's planes grounded since late March.

Umno-PAS Affirm Pact After Zahid-Hadi Meeting

The top leaders of Umno and PAS have met to affirm their lasting cooperation.

S’porean Blogger Amos Yee Charged in US Court with Solicitation, Possession of Child Porn

Singaporean blogger Amos Yee, 20, was charged with solicitation and possession of child porn in an Illinois court on Friday (Oct 16).

French Police Arrest Nine After Teacher Beheaded in Street

French police have arrested nine people after a suspected Islamist sympathiser beheaded a schoolteacher on the street of a Paris suburb on Friday.

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