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Spat Escalates with Dr M Slamming TMJ as ‘Stupid Little Boy’

Dr Mahathir tells the crown prince to stop talking when he doesn’t know anything.

Kadir Says He’s Ensuring Royals Don’t ‘Self-Destruct’ After Veiled TMJ Swipe

Tunku Ismail claims Johor royal family a victim of ‘character assassination’.

Legal Eagle Sinks Talons into TMJ’s ‘Downright Silly’ Argument on Rome...

Latheefa Koya has criticised Tunku Ismail's argument against Malaysia inking the Rome Statute.

PM-Johor Palace Tiff

War of words between Mahathir and Johor palace rages on.

TMJ Blames “Former Johor MB” for Making Pasir Gudang an Industrial...

Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail accused a former mentri besar of disloyalty today.

Dr M: TMJ Speaks for Himself on Rome Statute Concern

Dr Mahathir took a swipe at Tunku Ismail over claims that Putrajaya failed to consult the conference of rulers on a decision to accede to the Rome Statute.

Dr M: TMJ Probably Does Not Understand How the Federation Works

The federal government has the right to respond to comments made by the Malay Rulers over its administration of the country, says Dr Mahathir.

TMJ Claims His and Johor Sultan’s FB Postings Being ‘Monitored’

TMJ claims his and the Johor Sultan's Facebook postings are being 'monitored'.


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