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Umno Must Prove It Is Legit Owner of Seized Money

Umno must prove it is the legitimate owner of the seized money from the Najib-linked premises.

Upskilling to Be More Competitive and Productive

If training is facilitated by industry experts, trainees would be guided to learn systematically, see the big picture and connect the dots.

Nazri Aziz Says Muhyiddin Should Rejoin Umno and Become Its President

Muhyiddin Yassin should return to Umno and take charge as its president.

MACC Assures MPs That Asset Declaration Info Will Only Be Used if Cases Arise

The MACC will only use the information in the asset declaration made by MPs and members of the government administration if there are cases against them.

Nga: Sacked Members Should Say Sorry Instead

The three DAP members who had been sacked by the party's disciplinary committee should apologise, instead of making accusations that their termination was unreasonable.

Al Jazeera Reporter, Bangladeshi Man Summoned to Bukit Aman

An Al Jazeera journalist will be called up by the police this week for investigation over a documentary that the Malaysian government has slammed.

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