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Umno’s Musa Aman Attends PPBM’s Raya Open House

Musa’s son claims still independent MP after getting PPBM card.

Umno MPs Kiss and Make Up

Two Umno MPs have decided to forgive and forget just hours after engaging in a shouting match with each other at the Parliament lobby.

No Action Against No-Show Azmin

Fahmi Fadzil says Azmin will not face any disciplinary action for now despite failing to attend a political bureau meeting last night.

Zahid’s Trial: Day Three

Zahid ordered RM17.9 million withdrawal from foundation.

1MDB Audit Trial: Day Three

Audio recording of meeting to tamper with 1MDB audit report played in court.

Azmin, Zuraida Skip PKR Political Bureau Meeting Again

Azmin and Zuraida were both absent again at the party’s political bureau meeting despite being urged numerous times to attend.

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